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A New View of Relationship Marketing ... Rethink the role of relationship marketing for building TRUE brand loyalty.  Featured in Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications, this article shares actionable ideas and consumer brand case studies.

Better Branding Beyond Advertising
... Read why primary advertising and traditional loyalty programs aren't enough to build TRUE brand loyalty.  In American Marketing Association's MARKETING MANAGEMENT, this article shares the psychology of consumer choice and loyalty and strategies to raise consumer committment.

Your CORE SCORE can reveal the health of your brand ... Your truly loyal heavy buyers sit at the core of your brand.  How well are you performing against this critically important target.  A must read for C-level executives looking for fresh ideas on managing marketing and customer loyalty.

Heavy Buyers- Are they more Valuable than you think? ... Building TRUE brand loyalty with the most valuable category buyers is an underleveraged strategy.  Learn why Heavy Buyers are more valuable than most brands realize, and how to refine your targeting to build a more solid base of heavy, truly loyal buyers. 

UNSUBSCRIBE ME! ... If every brand in your category has a program, how can yours be setting you apart and serve as a tool for building TRUE brand loyalty?  Hear from the consumer's perspective what's wrong with most loyalty and relationship marketing "programs".   Appeared on

What you don't know about your heavy buyers may surprise you ... A great case study about how the lack of understanding of Slim-Fast's top purchasing consumers drove poor targeting and messaging decisions and led to significant sales declines.

Is Relationship Marketing Killing The Body Shop? ... This entry stirred things up at The Body Shop?  Are you making the same mistakes?

Is the era of Warm and Fuzzy Relationship Marketing Dead? ... Are you practicing warm and fuzzy relationship marketing delivering newsletters full of general interest news and helpful advice?  You may want to rethink the approach.

Are you limiting the number of relationships you could be having? ... Most formal programs require "membership" - an assumption you may want to re-examine.

Are you wasting Relationship Moments?... Most brands spend big money generating interest in their brands, then hugely waste the investment by not capitalizing on the momentum they created.  How about you?

What's the basis of this Relationship? ... Are your marketing decisions and communications based in a deep understanding about the true nature of the brand-to-consumer connection you want to establish?  Most brands don't anchor their marketing efforts in a disciplined way.  A great read, even for COO's.

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